Blood sample collection for HEELSTICK

  • Initially sterilize Heel skin by rubbing with alcohol, after ensuring drying puncture with sterile lancet not more than 2.0mm.
  • Discard first drop with gauze, Allow to form large drop and apply directly on filter paper provided.
  • If bleeding is at slow rate, Hold limb in dependent position.
  • Ensure all the spots to be completely saturated with with blood drops.
  • Circles must be identically on both sides and also all spots must not cross the circles.
  • Allow the filter paper to dry at room temperature for three or more hours.
  • After filling all the details specimens to be shipped by courier or by hand to following Address.

Maharanipeta, Visakapatnam-530002.
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.
Telephone: +91 891 2739622

DO NOT squeeze tissue to obtain blood
DO NOT expose card to external heat or sunlight
DO NOT apply specimen to both sides of specimen
DO NOT put cards in plastic covers etc
DO NOT hold specimens to send in batches, send as early as possible



  • Positive screening results identifies Newborn at an increased risk to justify a diagnostic workup, a negative screening result may not rule the possible of disorders.
  • Biological variations,difference in detection rates for various disorders in new born period etc for such conditions New Born Screening may not identify.
  • Our screening process are well coordinated with physician.
  • Our screening services and materials are not substitute for treatment, it is purely a diagnosis.