Welcome to HARKRISHAN ANALYTICAL SERVICES! A Krishna IVF Clinic enterprise introduced the new born disorders screening test capability and therapeutic drug monitering cabability to assure the high degree of accuracy and rapid turn around times for reporting results across India.

New born screening


Newborn screening is the diagnostic test for every newborn baby to identify certain harmful or potentially fatal disorders that are not apparent at the time of birth and irreversible when signs and symptoms observed. The screening test is conducted at the age of 24 to 72 hours of new born baby to identify the disorders that can affect a child’s long-term health problems or survival.

Screening test is done by collecting few drops of blood from the newborn’s heel for certain genetic, endocrine and metabolic disorders.


* Most advanced technology used for screening tests
* Protocols used for testing were vadilated using quality control reference standards
* External quality assurance program from center for disease control and prevention ( CDC) under progress



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